• Regularly exfoliate: Acne happens when pores get clogged with oil, dead skin, or bacteria. The first step to preventing acne is keeping the skin clean and free of excess oil and dead skin cells. ACNE often requires more than just washing your face regularly – having a professional deep cleansing facial regularly at a skin spa will drastically improve your skin.
  • Diet: What do we eat? Your skin is a reflection of what you put into your body, and certain foods can trigger acne. Our diet can be the culprit for acne, including skin health, sometimes when we eat healthy food can reduces overall inflammation. To some people, in their diet are present refined grains, glycemic foods, and sugar, cause acne. Alcohol is an inflammatory cascade that is a known trigger for acne.
  • Clean Surfaces: To maintain a clean, bacteria-free slate, it’s best to wash and disinfect these surfaces regularly. wash those sheets and makeup brushes. Remember your skin must treat gentler..
  • Stress: Acne is very common in puberty, sometimes it’s gone in adulthood, but in some cases, the acne stays, and this is for the stress and hormones. The stress-induced acne, so in these days you can see more present many people with pimples. Usually, when is hormonal the acne concentrates in the lower face. The stress can be emotional or physical like can’t sleep. so, if you exercise, daily Helps to your mental health and your skin.
  • Exercises: We know that working out is good for our health and for our stress, when you finish your exercises clean your skin after your sweat. Take a shower soon after your workout or if you are in a pinch, pack cleansing wipes in your gym bag. Before you start if you are using makeup remover, it is because when your exercise the pores open and the bacteria will enter. Exercise can open up your pores, allowing the makeup and bacteria you’ve built up over the day to enter and clog them. 
  • Find a Professional: A trained esthetician will often perform extractions of pustules, blackheads, closed comedones, and sebum-clogged pores. By removing the plug of the follicle, after cleansing  the skin, the practitioner is literally removing a formidable part of the acne process. The esthetician is also potentially stopping the scarring process by draining the pus from the lesion with a special technique. By removing a blackhead from the skin, the esthetician is removing a potential future pustule and helping aesthetically with pore size and overall skin smoothness, inflammation, and appearance, that’s why is so important to have a professional facial . The estheticians with their knowledge and studies about products and their ingredients, they are able to assist the client to choose the best  product options for acne treatment.